The Books

As part of my journey to create a product I thought it might be useful to others to have a picture of what the financial implications are. I've taken no VC money and am funding the entire project myself. As such, every dollar is a big deal to me. I'll keep a running total of how much I've spent to bootstrap the Smart Puck and give you some insight into the costs of starting a business like mine. Once I release the product I would like to show sales numbers as well.



Jan-Mar 2018

Total Expenses: $1,344

My biggest expense this quarter was the Hardware Report. It was a little pricey but gave me a much more clear picture as to how much I can expect to pay for each unit at various manufacturing volumes. ConvertKit is the service I am using for email list management across my various personal website properties. The Github costs are for hosting the source code for the project in a private repo.

  • Hardware Report - $1,145
  • ConvertKit - $87
  • Github - $21
  • Registered - $17
  • Prototype parts - $74

Apr-Jun 2018

Total Expenses: $286

  • Prototyping parts - $250
  • ConvertKit - $29
  • Github - $7

Jul-Sep 2018


Oct-Dec 2018